This page is just a small sample of the new products that we release every few weeks.
FEED Suspension

Excellent for track FD's, might be too rough for daily street driving.
Spring rates are 18k front and back. Based off the HKS pro
suspension, HKS should be able to service these. MSRP:$3200.
Source Time: Five to Six Weeks Price: $1100 + US & Japan shipping
White Re-Amemiya Cluster

Ultra rare all white re-amemiya cluster. This has a 320kph speedo and are
extremely difficult to come by as only a handful were ever made.
Source Time: Six weeks+ Price: $1100 + US shipping
ARC Super Racing Titanium

this exhaust. Sound clip: this exhaust. Sound clip:
Source Time: Inquire Price: $1750 + US shipping