Re-Amemiya Head Lights

One of the most popular head light kits for the FD. This kit will replace the
pop-ups. You will need to cut a portion of the frame for these to fit. The
pricing is for the non HID version. Includes buckets, lights, lenses and
brackets. HID available at an extra charge.
Source Time: Four to Five Weeks Price: $1100 + US s/h
Knight Sports Light Kit

The best available option if you want to keep the pop-ups. This kit allows you
to keep the sleek lines when the lights are down and still look modern when
they are up. Only comes with the bracket/bar, black mold and lights. Does not
include oem motor or head light covers. Rx7 Boutique HIGHLY recommends
this kit. Also available in HID for an additional charge.
Source Time: Four to Five weeks Price: $950 + US shipping
R-Magic Light Kit

Unique option for upgrading your lights. This is a highly sought after kit,
replaces the stock lights and is HID. MSRP is $2200. These are very hard to
source and could possibly take awhile to find.
Source Time: Five to Six weeks Price: $1450 + US shipping
Rotary Run Racing Lights

THE most in demand lights for the FD. Only a very limited amount of sets
were made and these are VERY difficult to find. These could possibly take a
few months to find. One would need to cut both the frame and front bumper.
Pricing based on availability.
Source Time: NA Price: Based on availability
VeilSide Sleepy Eye Lights

A very limited amount of sets were made, these give you the "sleepy eye" look
while still providing great lighting output. Bolt right into place, no cut of the
front bumper or any modifications necessary. Not available in HID unless the
aftermarket bulbs were utilized.
Source Time: NA Price: $1100+s/h
C-West Lights

A good alternative to re-amemiya lights, very clean and now discontinued too.
They use PIAA HID bulbs and provided decent lighting. Will replace your
entire stock headlight assembly, no major modifications needed to install these
Source Time: Six Weeks+ Price: $1100+s/h