Q: Where do you source your parts from?
A: A variety of places from all over Japan, usually specialty warehouses that part out heavily
modified cars.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: Any form of instant payment, which includes Paypal or a Bank Transfer. Payment needs to
clear with-in 48 hours, as items come and go very quickly.

Q: How accurate are the source times?
A: Any item that has a source time of less than three months is a pretty good measure of the
time it takes to source. The item could be available that day, or it may take up to three months
to source, it all depends on the market. Any item that has a source time of more than three
months is usually a discontinued and extremely rare item. It takes awhile to source these items;
again there could be a small chance that it only takes a minimal amount of time to find. In most
cases, these items take awhile to find, an example would be the Rotary Run Racing lights. It is
a very rare occasion that a part will take more than three months to find, but at RX7 Boutique
we want the customer to know what to expect when it comes to finding their unique item.

Q:  Are these items new?
A: The majority of our items are used, but we GUARANTEE the product to be in 100% working
condition. Most of our items are in great condition, for those in average condition, we offer a
substantial discount off MSRP and our price for good condition items. Approximately 90% of
the items we source are second-hand, but we do come across items that are new. There is NO
up-charge for new items, many of the items we source are rare and discontinued, and thus
finding items that are new are difficult.

Q: Are there any items you will not import?
A: Yes, we do NOT import excessively heavy or large items. Examples are cars, shells,
engines, front clips, and hoods.

Q: Are you an authorized dealer?
A: No, we are not an authorized dealer for any of the products we offer. These items are
sourced from places all over Japan, and thus do not come directly from the manufacturer. That
is one of the few reasons we are able to offer such large discounts from MSRP.

Q: Do these items come with a manufacturer’s warranty?
A: NO. It is a very rare occasion that one of the items comes with a warranty, if it does the
warranty card and all paperwork will be sent with the item. We GUARANTEE our items from
being defective. Our suspension is tested for oil leaks and bends before shipment. We do NOT
offer any guarantee on non-mechanical items like aero or seats, as you are provided with
pictures of the item and are able to make a decision based off those pictures.

Q: Can you order items directly from manufactures?
A: Yes, but we do not receive any discounts from manufacturers. You are better using a
company like RHDJapan for new items and MSRP pricing. Specifically for readily available
parts like a HKS carbon titanium exhaust that you can get in the states.

Q: Do I assume any liability or risk on parts?
A: No. RX7 Boutique assumes all liability and risk on all parts. If an item does not arrive at our
warehouse in Japan, than RX7 Boutique assumes liability and will refund the customer’s money.

Q: Is their a minimum order on parts?
A: Yes, we only accept orders with a minimum total price of $350.

Q: What method do you use for shipping from Japan?
A: We ONLY use EMS, as it is the only option from Japan that allows us to insure our items.
We use fedex to ship your item in the US. We use surface mail for wheels, which takes about 3
months, EMS is available for wheels but is almost double the price.

Q:  Why are some items discounted more than others from MSRP?
A: Supply and demand. For items that are rare and in limited quantity, the cost to us is
expensive. Items that are readily available are cheaper and we are able to offer a larger
discount off MSRP. Brand equity also plays a crucial role, items from Re-Amemiya or Feed
usually carry a brand premium in Japan. Also, larger items like front bumpers are costly to ship
from Japan, and are an additional cost to our bottom line.

Q: Do you only deal with rx7 parts?
A: No, we can source almost any item for your Japanese vehicle. Please specify your car
model when you fill out an inquiry form.

Q: I want something unique for my rx7, can you help guide me?
A: The staff at RX7 Boutique is enthralled by the rx7 market; we truly enjoy talking about them
and helping customers find that perfect part for their car. We can help you piece together an
aero kit, or give suggestions on what would work with your car. We have seen 1000’s of rx7’s
and we know what works.

Q: I want a specific part, but I do not see it listed?
A: Please visit the special order page, on the left side navigation bar. That page will help clarify
any special requests.

Q:  I want an item from Yahoo Japan Auctions; can you get it for me?
A: Yes, remember that Yahoo Japan is an auction based system and prices are often bided up
by 40% in the last 10 minutes of the auction. At first glance the prices are cheap, but after you
factor in last minute bidding and shipping costs, the pricing is the same if not more expensive
than RX7 Boutique pricing. Feel free to contact us through the inquire page with a link to the
auction, we can than give you insight on the actual costs of the part.

Q: How are discounts applied?
A: When filling out the inquire form, please enter your discount code. The discount will be
applied in the charge 1 invoice.

Q: On average, how long do items take to arrive after charge 1 is paid?
A: After charge 1 invoice has been paid in full, it takes on average two weeks to get to our
warehouse in Florida. Once the item reaches our warehouse, it goes through any necessary
testing which can be instant (aero) or up to three days (suspension). Next, the item is shipping
to the customers’ location, in total, from charge 1 to arrival at your house is about 3 to 4 weeks.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes, in most cases, please contact us before filling out an order.

Q: Do you combine shipping on multiple orders?
A: Yes, although waiting time may be increased as we wait for your orders to arrive.

Q: Can you ship directly from Japan to my location?
A: No, the item needs to be sent to our warehouse for inspection, especially if there is damage,
as we would need to file a claim with EMS.